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The last week was too exciting to wait any longer to report about it - a major investment, a MAJOR acquisition, and some big new partnerships make Quantum news in this edition:

  1. What business executives need to know about Quantum

  2. What investors need to know about Quantum

  3. What Americans need to know about Europe in Quantum

  4. What Europeans needs to know about North America in Quantum

  5. The SciFi Corner

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What business executives need to know about Quantum

  • This week I was giving a speech in front of a delegation of German CEO's, university presidents and the prime minister of the state of Hessen - the question of when Quantum Computing will come to market and if it will really break encryption was hotly debated. A great answer to this question can be found in this Georgian Partners podcast interview of Mike Brown Why should you care? With respect to encryption it is in fact irrelevant when QC's will come to market, as data security and privacy has a legal and moral shelf life that needs to be protected. In order to accomplish that and depending on the duration of that shelf life, businesses and governments will need to implement quantum safe encryption immediately to safeguard their data and customer privacy.

What investors need to know about Quantum

  • Finnish quantum computing startup IQM raises €11.2M in seed capital from local and German investors Why you should care? This is a huge sum by European standards, regardless of the sector, and especially at a seed stage. Clearly, Europe is willing to play catch up. Furthermore, Finland is new to the quantum computing scene, adding another research force to the European effort with the ambition, nonetheless, to be the first to build an universal quantum computer (similar to universal artificial intelligence, universal QC is a machine that will be able to solve and do anything and everything).

  • In a major whammy Rigetti announced the acquisition of QxBranch Why you should care? Rigetti is by far the most ambitious and credible of all the quantum computing startups, acquiring QxBranch is a strong signal of confidence to the market and significantly bolsters their software capabilities, specifically around designing applications, their algorithms and models, for specific use cases. Will Rigetti announce a new qubit record soon too?.... and let's not forget that for investors this means there are exits possible in the QIS space, money is being made.

What Americans need to know about Europe in Quantum

  • Early registrations for the IQT Europe Conference are open Why you should care? Europe is a rising force in QIS and really starting to get "its stuff together". At this conference you can expect to hear about new partnerships, projects and breakthroughs.

  • Leading European institutions partner with IBM to accelerate joint research and educational opportunities Why you should care? For research institutes and universities in Europe industrial partners are still hard to find, certainly a consequence of the dearth of European champions. For a set of labs from all 4 corners of the old continent to sign such a partnership is great for them, great for America and not so good for the larger European efforts who lack industrial scale and unity of their own.

What Europeans need to know about North America in Quantum

  • The Chicago Quantum Exchange, a growing intellectual hub for the research and development of quantum technology, has expanded its community to include new industry partners working at the forefront of quantum technology and research. These corporate partners are Boeing, Applied Materials, ColdQuanta, HRL Laboratories and Quantum Opus Materials Why you should care? Because this is how innovation is brought to market - a tight cooperation between government, academia and industry - and in Europe we are watching from the sidelines. This kind of initiative ensures that advances in QC are directly applicable to business use cases and come to market fast.

The SciFi corner... just for fun!

  • Entanglement of two photons has been mathematically described and experimentally proven beyond doubt. So the question was posed if there can be entanglement not only across space (from one photon to another) but also across time? The mindblowing answer is YES! Scientists at Hebrew University have entangled photons that never coexisted. Or in other words, elements that did not physically exist at the same time. Yet we were able to entangle their physical properties. What this means? It means that time travel, predicting the future and realigning the past are all possible and experimentally accomplished. Freaky!

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