Free business resources | Covid-19

For Quantum business and everyone else who's struggling

This has been a crazy week for many of us, at Interference Advisors - and with our newsletters - we will be back to business as normal next week Monday #quantumiscoming, winter or not.

Today, I would like to share a free resource that my colleagues at Umbrex (a leading global management consultancy network) and I have been working on - a very detailed website with links and content on everything needed around business continuity:


We update this page continuously so check back for new resources if you’re missing something during your first visit.

My colleagues and I are available for free video sessions to review any of the above topics, and for consulting projects to implement any of them where it makes sense.

Hopefully this helps some of us master the current crisis, please share with your colleagues and anyone that you think might benefit from it, especially your local businesses, stores, restaurants and community.


We will be back next week with our regular quantum newsletter, as well as our paid quantum deal flow and data update.